Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bless and Be Blessed

When I was over at Just so you'll know I had a chance to watch this link It was a good way to start today. Reminded me of something my friend often says...bless and be blessed!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Worship Photography

I've had the chance to attend one full night and another partial night of a "Worship Module" being held at my church. Being that it's smack in the midst of soccer season, to even attend a little bit is a good thing. Anyhow, last week I came back to work and decided I just wanted to spend some time photographing the back wall of our church. We have this really awesome mural at the back. I know that everyone who looks at the mural sees different things, but I took the opportunity to take some close up pics for specific reasons.

You see, when I look at the first one, it reminds of the fact that my church is a sanctuary. When I'm in a bad spot, I like to go to the church and just be. I like the image of the church because it reminds me of ours. We are a unique and loving bunch.

I love the image of the guy. He's looking forward and not backwards. Exactly how we're supposed to be. We can't change the past, can't be consumed by the immediate happenings of today...we have to be living with the end in mind. Fix our eyes on the end, realizing that there'll be many twists and turns, detours and dead-ends.

Well, I took more, but I'm not going to put them all's late and been a very busy week...let's face it, I'm tired! If you want to see a full size shot of the mural and reason for it's happening, you can go,

Have to say it's definately been a great experience to step out and learn to worship God in different pathways other than the norm. Especially through photography and art, as they are very refreshing to me. I think there's a lot of freedom in learning to worship your way, despite whether it's the way those around you would choose to enter in.

It's nice that He brings those life lessons, especially in the midst of life running at insane paces. That's a real sweet blessing...