Monday, September 08, 2008


“The Christian self-image means understanding that your worth is found in your amazing dignity as God's image bearer.”
~ Point of Grace

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mountains Blocking the View of God

"Isn't it interesting how seeing the face of God may very well entail gazing deeply into our own, regardless of our fear of that?"

Yes, it's not that I have completely forgot about blogging...I simply haven't been able to write for a variety of reasons...busyness of life, because I didn't want to write posts if they had a dark feeling looming over them, plain old writer's block to name a few...but I decided if I waited for an optimum time to write, or for the right words to hit the screen, then I'd never write. The comment above came in an email and got me thinking. I figured if I saved it at this venue, eventually I would make it around to attempting to write here goes nothing.

This summer's entailed a lot for thing I've come away with is that I want to know God deeper, and also, truly know & see myself as He does. I'm at a point where I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get there. I know by even saying those words that it opens things up in the spiritual realm, 'cause there's that realm out there that really doesn't want us to draw closer to Him.

The above quote was stated to me by a friend. It is indeed very interesting. There are monkeys that get on people's backs and in their faces. But sometimes the biggest obstacle that's in the way of us seeing God's face is ourselves. And to make that mountain even bigger is the fear of having to truly look in the mirror, see ourselves for who we are (the person He knows we are...loves deeply...and accepts right where we're at, not expecting anymore than that) and offer that same grace and acceptance that He offers us every moment of each day.

Maybe for some people this is an easy task. For me it's NEVER been an easy task. My hope is that one day it will be an easier thing for me to do. I long for that day. I long for the peace, strength, renewal, joy and deep communion that will bring.

I've been listening to this song a fair bit today. Seemed like a fitting way to end this post. It talks about some of those mountains that block the view of God. It's also a good reminder about the fact you will always come upon forks in the road of life...and you have to consciously make a decision at every one. You can continue to reach out for help and guidance even when it's difficult. He knows the situation...He'll reach back, meet you right where you're at and pour out all you need to continue. The difficulty comes when you make the second decision and choose to not reach out and allow yourself to be drowned with all He has, and wants, to offer. The choice to walk down a path alone and without direction.

Seems like an easy thing to write in black and white, but not always so easy when faced with the decision in real time...

(Kara Williamson)

Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
And I've been places
I should never have been
And I'm tired of feeling guilty

All the time
Lost in a whirlwind
A thunderstorm raging deep within
And only You can save me
Lord come and save me

You are my sunshine
You are my rainbow
Even when it's raining inside
You fill my heart with sunshine
You are the silver line
Making all things beautiful
Bursting through each cloud of mine
You fill my heart with sunshine

I lift my hands to greet the rain
And praise You through each drop of pain
For hope could never disappoint me now

Light of the world come pouring down
Till in Your glory I am drowned
And only You can save me
I know You can save me

Lord let Your love rain down on me
Lord let Your glory come and set me free