Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Respect the right to disagree.
Express your real concerns.
Share common goals and interests.
Open yourself to different points of view.
Listen carefully to all proposals.
Understand the major issues involved.
Think about probable consequences.
Imagine several possible alternative solutions.
Offer some reasonable compromises.
Negotiate mutually fair cooperative agreements.
--Robert E. Valett
Came across this in my drafts. I saw it last year on a poster which was hanging in the lunchroom I helped out in. I Googled it and printed out a copy which now hangs on the wall in my office, as a daily reminder of how I need to approach my job and life in general. I actually really want to print out another copy and hang it on the bulletin board in our kitchen...I think it could bring forth some really rich discussions.
I like the fact the first thing stressed is that it's OKAY to disagree and further down the list it also speaks about being open to different points of view. It then goes on to speak about the importance of voicing your real concerns, making sure you are hearing all points of view & proposals, think about reasonable outcomes and more to make sure you examine more than one outcome ('cause there's never really just one answer to a situation).
What struck me when I first saw this poster, and which continues to, is that if we start living these points out in our lives, I think we would find ourselves closer to being connected more fully with those around us. We would become a much more understanding people. We would begin to love and live life in a totally different way. And I think that new way of living out life would be much closer to how Jesus lived His life and deep down I believe He probably desires for us to live our lives.
Well, those are my thoughts at least...