Monday, September 27, 2010

A Clean Slate

"I'm thankful that each day is a brand new one...a clean slate...a chance to continue to press on...simply doing life & embracing all there is to experience, if only I have the resolve to keep my eyes forward & not allow them to shift back to that which I can't change."

This morning when I logged onto Facebook, this was what came to mind, so it was what got posted as my status update for the day. A lot of things have been flying through my head and the underlying themes with everything is that I can't change the past, and going through life, looking back & beating myself up for every mistake & short-coming I've ever had will do no good and will only deter the forward motion that I'm created to have. But, the reality is that this falls into my hands. I am the only one who can find and keep the resolve to place my eyes forward and keep them there. So, I'm desperately trying to do that today and will wake up tomorrow and desperately try to do it again. And hopefully down the road, it will be a more natural & calm choice, instead of continuing to be a desperate action .