Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The whole world of blogging is a new experience for me...what will I be will most likely depend on the day or week. For now I'll simply start with this poem...a love letter to my "dad" who's with me 24/7...supportive and loving, no matter what battles are going on in life...staying by your side through it all...waiting for you to join him in the next "god-venture" along the winding trails of life.

I love to be in your presence,
To feel your love engulfing my spirit.
As I raise my hands to praise you,
I feel you touching my fingertips, uplifting my spirit to you.

Through the times of valleys and caves,
You are always by my side.
Never leaving, always listening, ready to re-energize my soul yet again,
My rock, the place I can cry at, be angry at, be complacent at, be happy and excited at.

Help me to always know your presence,
No matter what the circumstances of life are before me.
Help me to reach for you, even when I’m torn inside,
To know you as my comfort and my shield, my protector and my resting place.

Let me rest in your presence today,
To be energized by your spirit and your love.
Guide my daily actions Lord, help them to be Jesus actions and words,
Let everyday of my life be the truest of offerings that I could bring to you.

"Remember that one thing we all have in common is twenty-four hours a day. It is up to me how I choose to spend it."

-Kathy Peel


Jackie said...

Great start to your blog! Keep it up.

jollybeggar said...

i agree... nobody told me you were blogging... i had to read it between the lines.

Cinder said...

i didn't really feel like announcing the fact i was blogging and not just surfing through and leaving comments on blogs...didn't want to leave christian spam on sites...didn't think anyone would actually find the blog, so i was going to use it as my miscellaneous dumping grounds. i'm kind of a read it between the lines kind of gal!

But now that i've actually had people reading, become a link on curious servant's site, i am going to actually's a great way for me to write about in general, putting down my's probably the first time in over a year that I've consistently carved out time to write!