Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lord, I Need You

As I sit in numbness,
Numb to the war going on inside of me
Turmoil and pain, fear and depression
Confusion and anxiety overtake my mind

How do I possibly get through
Continue on day by day
Why do I feel like a prisoner to my emotions?
Why do I feel like a blur going through life?

I feel like a failure,
No matter what I do, I fail at it,
No matter what I say, it’s not right,
I feel unworthy to hold the positions in life that I have.

I don’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore,
I am a skelton of who I was
A person full of anger and helpless and depression
Not knowing how to get back to where I was.

God is my light and my guide,
Everything in life is possible with him by my side.
He never leaves, won’t forsake me,
No matter what the situation in life.

I can’t get to the light…can’t get to the top of the mountain.
I need to meet with him, commune with him
I feel like I’m sinking away from him
Falling farther each day…feel like Satan’s getting a grip on me and I can’t get away.

Lord, I need your help…help me to climb to you
Help me to feel peace in you, to lose my anger and gain perspective in you
Show me the way I need to take to get away from this current frame of mind
Fill my mind and body with your Holy Spirit and send these feelings of hopeless and failure away from me!

Help me to know I can be everything you need me to be,
With you by my side, as my strength and my shield, my protector and my encourager
Fill me with your fruits of the spirit…give me extra servings of them through this week and this month
Break me yet again and continue to mold into what you need me to be.

Fill my life with your goodness and your love,
Help me be all you yearn for me to be
Let me rest in you…pray with you, fill my mind with your word, worship youBring me back to your feet Lord…back to where I know I need to be.

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audrey` said...

Jesus is with you, Cinder.