Friday, January 20, 2006

Motherhood (A Mother's Prayer)

Never an easy task,
So often filled with uncertainty.
Not always knowing how to deal with what’s coming next.
The most important job I could ever have been given,
To mold and shape my children’s lives!
How do I possibly know what to do?
How do I show them all the things I want to?
To raise them to be the remarkable people I want them to be!
Lord Jesus, I entrust my children to you,
I lay them lovingly and caringly at your feet.
Show me how to raise them with love,
Teach me to be patient and to lay my worries and fears at your feet always.
Help me deal with the daily challenges,
Help me not to get down as a result of my frustrations and the bad days.
I thank you for this remarkable task,
The gift of motherhood and the precious gift you gave me--my children!

I wrote this for my kids on a very trying day a couple of years ago...I love being their mother more than I can express...some days in parenting are definitely harder than others! There are days when you look in the mirror and think God why do you think I'm the right one...those days when the person looking back from the mirror isn't always the best of examples. I'm praying this year for more and more patience...hoping I'll be the best example to my kids I can when it comes to their spiritual walk, having patience, sweating the small stuff and doing what's right in the eyes of God!

Then there are those days when you get a comment like, "Mommy, your the bestest in the whole wide world!" and the daily I love you's, hugs, kisses and budding senses of humors...that confirms my thoughts that they are true God-given blessings...our lives would definitely have a void without them there. I am truly blessed in this lifetime, no matter what the situation or season of life...thanking God for that!


Krit said...

Words straight from my heart to your blog. Being a Christian, being a Mother and all the other roles we play is sometimes a difficult balance but always rewarding.

Today I thought I would be a good Mom and have lunch with my son (he's been having some trouble with school) and I got there too late. I can relate to the whole God why did you pick me thought? Still I didn't know they changed the times and my heart was in the right place...

God is good, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful, cinder. children are truly precious gifts to a mother. i couldn't wait to have those gifts too...soon.

curious servant said...

Today my son asked to do some work for me to earn money for a Christian retreat. I told him that I'd love to have him clean out the shed, but that I would have to do it with him to help him decide what needs to be tossed.

I told him it would have to be a father and son thing.

He smiled a big grin and rushed over, threw his arms around me and said "That will be GREAT!"

Some days being a parent is the best thing in the world!

Cinder said...

Krit, God is very good and there is sometimes difficulty with balancing all the roles of life, but it's very rewarding and god blessed! Thanks so much for dropping by!

Pia, children are truly precious and God-given gifts to a mother...I can't wait for you to reveal your "news"...from what I've seen through your blogs, you will make an amazing mother!

Curious Servant, very true that some days being a parent is the best thing in the world! It's very fun when you get to have some time with your kids...they love it and we take so much from it as well!

The last few weeks, we have been able to go on some family tobogganning adventures, did a family swim this weekend, had fun cleaning the house as a family(which isn't always the case) and have just been enjoying family times, despite the up and down nature of life sometimes.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

audrey` said...

Motherhood is the most important and rewarding role in the world :)