Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Prayer Life Makeover

I was reading this morning through one of my many notebooks...I have a lot of them! I always have a notebook or journal available for writing my thoughts, poems, songs, etc. When I go to a retreat, I always have a notebook to write down the speakers thoughts and promptings. This notebook had notes from a Ladies retreat I attended a couple of years ago and I thought I would share some of the speaker's thoughts.

Cleaning Out Our Prayer Closet, What Should We Throw Away?
1. Busyness
  • Need to make more time to pray
  • When we are the busiest, we need prayer the most

2. Neglect and Fear

3. Don't Know How to Pray

  • There's no right way to pray

Need a Special Place

We need a special prayer closet to be able to retreat to!

When Do You Pray?

  • Doesn't really matter
  • The Bible says to pray without ceasing

We need to begin our prayer lives with sitting and realizing how much God loves us! Then our response is to worship him with prayer.

Great Aids to Prayer

1. Simple Prayers

  • Ordinary people bringing ordinary concerns to a loving Father.

2. Breath Prayers

  • God give me strength for this day...if we prayed this as a breath prayer, simple but strong and meaningful!

3. Meditative Prayers

4. Holy Readings

  • You get a word or phrase from a scripture being read and then talk with God about what it means for you.

I'm going to end with a quote from Mother Theresa..."God is the friend of silence."

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