Friday, February 10, 2006


I wasn't planning on posting daily, but my blog wasn't working this morning, so this is a test to see if things will post. I'm simply posting a couple of my poems...they are both letters of praise and thanksgiving for Christ's sacrifice...sometimes I sing this one, but as usual, the music's in my head and not down on paper!

If there’s no tomorrow,
I know I’ll have you.
You are always with me,
No matter what I do.

Your love is so amazing,
So gracious and free.
You died on Calvary’s cross,
To save a wretch like me.

I know I can’t repay you,
No earthly act comes close.
To the sacrifical love you showed,
As your loving eyes drew closed.

I live to see tomorrow,
Because of your love shown.
I can only pray to heaven,
I’ll make my Savior known.

This poem was written on one of those days when you just want to go back to bed and wake up the next day and start afresh...I'm not feeling that way today, but parts of this poem are like a daily prayer, in terms of remembering to share God's grace with everyone around me...not just those I see when out and about, but especially my kids and my husband. Sometimes it's really easy to remember to show His grace to strangers, but not to show it to those who are closest to us!

Frustration fills my heart,
Nobody’s listening!
This high-paced society causes so much anxiety,
Stressful issues appearing around every corner!
Where can I turn?
Where can I go?

To you Lord,
I lay my fears and anxieties at your loving feet.
Your loving fatherly arms wrap around me like a father does his hurting child,
Your love pours out to me.
A sense of peace fills my heart,
You are my sanctuary in times of stress and trouble.

Lord, please mold me into a more faithful person,
Help me to turn to you before things become unmanageable.
I pray your presence will be with me every moment of the day,
Your peace will allow me to be a more patient and loving person,
Allow your kindness to always shine through me,
I pray I’ll show your grace to others whenever possible.

Blood pouring down your head, hands and feet,
Tears of pain and hurt trickled from your eyes.
You showed your amazing love for me,
By dying such a painfully slow death!
A death I so deserved to have,
But you took my place for me!

Lord, I pray that picture will be in my mind always,
When things feel too hard to handle.
When I just want to crawl into bed and put the blankets over my head,
I pray I’ll remember your love for me!
The nails pounded in your hands and feet,
A crown of thorns upon your head.

Hurtful insults yelled at you,
Ungrateful people spitting in your face.
You hung on that tree for us with such amazing love and grace,
I can only pray I’ll show that same grace to all who come my way today.
Allow your love and kindness to shine through me always,
Thank you Father, for being my loving King!


Kc said...

You're really a gifted writer. I hope you have the opportunity to compose the music. The grace poem is great too. ;-)

audrey` said...

I love the poems very much.

Cinder said...

You know what Kc...I've always struggled with my writing...I just write what he puts on my heart and in my mind, but never really thought of it as anything very good :) !

I so enjoy writing allows me to pen what sometimes he brings in as my deepest thoughts and feelings and I pray he'll continue to bring things to me, as writing truly inspires me to be more of what I think he wants me to be.

Audrey and Kc...thanks so much for your continued uplifting comments and support on some recently bad days...I'm enjoying what you bring to your sites and am just enjoying the fellowship which has came with this new experience to the blogging community!