Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life's An Interesting Ride...Part 2

It's been an interesting time in life for me...this post, like most of my writing is just simply coming from within and sometimes is also all across the board (I'm sorry if this one goes in that direction, but that's what my mind's been doing the last little bit!) I don't ever really plan what I'm going to say or just comes to me and there are times when I'm too busy and ignore what's in my head and it goes away, but there are also times when I ignore it and there's a continual prodding to get paper and write it down. This poem was one of those times...I was having one of those days when you're just behind from the start and nothing seems to be going the way you want it to...let's face it, for me there are weeks where it seems that way! This poem came to me and I said I don't have time to write it down, I'll do it later. I heard a still, small voice which said, "Write it down'll understand why later!" So I sat down and took the 10-15 minutes to hurriedly write it down and then I continued on with my day. Later that afternoon I got a call from Mr. Cinder and he said he'd received his wasn't a surprise, due to the industry he was in at that time, but you tend to secretly hope and pray that it won't happen to you. For us, it came almost exactly two years to the day that his former company had decided to restructure and had called him in and said he longer had a job. It's times like these where you sit back and ask the question, "Why me?" But for us it was also a time when we found a great deal of strength in our faith...we knew that there was no other choice, but to give it to Him and trust that He knew best for our family. That's not easy and it doesn't happen overnight, but in the same sense, I couldn't fathom not having that strength to draw and lean on!

I look at this poem and see so much truth for what I see in my life and marriage. I was young when we met, but I knew that I wanted to be with this man for the rest of my life, without question and that will always be the way it is! We joke sometimes that there may be times where you don't always like the other person, but you love them no matter what. I had friends who tended to be cautious about marriage say to me, "How can you truly say FOREVER at your age?" I told them I could, because that's what I wanted my marriage to be. Just like having my heavenly Father's unconditional love forever, I know that no matter takes place in this life and no matter He leads us, that I'll have my soulmate with's a precious gift that Christ gives us, by giving us a forever friend to walk together in life with.

I was talking with friends this morning about what we would ever do if something were to happen right now to us or our spouse. This crosses your mind at certain times throughout life...I thought about it a lot this summer, when we were in separate cities and we especially thought about it this fall when our friend was near death. We sat down and discussed the fact that no matter when this happens...we're human and death at some point is inevitable...we want the person to continue on with life and to find someone to spend their life with. I've had other friends who say, "I'm the only one for them." If I were to die, I wouldn't want my best friend to have to go through the rest of his days on this earth alone. Do I want to think about if that were to ever occur? No, but I think when you choose to become one with another person, you have an obligation to speak about all issues...including life and death and all the aspects which come with death...funeral arrangements and wishes, having a will, especially when you have young kids (the last thing you would ever want if both of you were to die, is to have a fight over who gets custody of your kids...they would endure enough without needing more stress and uncertainty), moving on after the death of either of you, your wishes for your spouse and your kids and also making sure your loved ones around you are aware of these things.

Well, I'm going to end off with my poem now...I don't really know why this post came out today, but it's what came into my head. I guess when you go through a time of reflection in life, God brings all things to the forefront...for me, I see it as a concreted way of bringing clarity to me! I guess my wish for me in this life would be to be the best I can be in all my roles of life. I want to be the wife and support system that my husband needs, the example and nurturer that my kids need, a friend that my friends know they can depend on, but that won't be a burden or hurtful to them, but just walk alongside and be there, not be annoying and whatever I need to be in all my other roles! Life would definitely be a lot less interesting and fun if it were the same thing over and over again...there are times when I love to see those pockets of even roads and familiarity, but then after a while, I ready for another huge ride of life!

Our Ride of Life
What a ride we enjoy together each day of life,
Through forks and roadblocks, we continue on together.
By my side is the truest love I’ve ever known,
My closest friend to have ever crossed my path.
You complete me more fully than I thought I could ever be completed,
Truly handpicked by the only person who knows me more than
I truly know myself.
My heavenly Father, who so faithfully cares for me with fatherly love,
Looking out for me in this world of selfishness and the
“what’s in it for me” attitudes.
Granting me the special blessing of a life together with my best friend,
Side-by-side, hand-in-hand, we’ll walk the winding roads of life together.
Sharing in the pleasures and joys of life,
Growing closer, as one in love, when dealing with the
hardships and trials of life we’ll face.
No person in this world I would rather have by my side,
My love, I long to be completely one in spirit together.
As we grow closer everyday, I am excited and awed by the
new things God reveals about you,
I long to know you more.
I am truly yours forever,
I feel completely protected in your arms.
My guide through life you will be,
With him as our ultimate roadmap.
Truly exciting adventures we will have,
Together, we will enjoy them so much more than if we were apart.
Our love for each other is his gift to us,
The relationship and life we continually create together is the ultimate
gift we will ever give to each other.
As we continue the path of life together, I give you my unconditional promise,
Of the vows I promised you the day we started this journey
together as husband and wife.
I take you to be my wedded husband,
To live together according to the pattern of God’s Holy Word.
I will love and cherish you,
Honor and sustain you,
In sickness and health.
I pledge myself to be true and loyal to you until
the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Or until God separates us by death.
Forever, on this amazing ride,
I will be by your side with love and true devotion for you, my true completion!


Kc said...

What a beautiful devotion. You honor both your husband and our father with your poetry and your testimony. May God continue to bless you and your family. ;-)

Jayleigh said...

I agree with KC. What an amazing tribue to the love of your life, and your Heavenly Father. I am in tears at the beauty of this, and I hope you don't mind that I will be sharing it with my darling hubby.

Cinder said...

Kc ~ God is definitely the truest blessing you can have and He is blessing our family in ways we could never have imagined! I am so glad for the times where He brings me a poem, because then I can look back on it down the's amazing that just like you get different things from the scriptures at different times, I also get different takes on my poetry at different times, depending what's happening in life!

I hope God will continue to bless you and your family as well...we'll talk to you soon ;-)

Jayleigh ~ I don't mind one bit that you'll be sharing it with your darling hubby...I think our husbands need to know our love and devotion and if you can find a poem which will be of value in sharing, then go for it!

I hope you'll be feeling better really soon and that God will continue to bless the two of to you soon ;-)

audrey` said...

Your love for your husband is so genuine.
You're a very devoted wife, Cinder :)
I'm so proud of you.

Corry said...

Cinder, that is beautiful! An example of love in every form and way.
God bless you.

God's Grace.

Cinder said...

Audrey ~ Thank husband is an amazing's not hard to be truly devoted to him. We made a commitment when we first started dating, that we would be together forever...marriage isn't always easy, but it's definitely a very special thing when you get to have it!

God bless you :)

Corry ~ Thank you...I love being able to have words come and to express my love in a written form. I read this poem every so's really cool what you take from it, depending on where's life's headed at that time! He's definitely a very special gift which God handpicked for me...truly blessed!

God bless you :)

curious servant said...

That is very nice. Thank you.