Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear God...


Friendship is something to cherish,

A bond between people which means more than any contract.

Signifying a relationship forever,

Meaning that you’ll have a shoulder to cry on always.

The caring which freely comes out,

Always there through good and bad.

Someone to talk to,

About things throughout your life.

My friends both old and new, are and have been on my mind the last few days. Things are really hectic in our of those times where you're trying so hard to have your act together and keep things in a organized-chaos at least, but it seems to be in vain. I can't really say what's driving the feelings I'm having right now. I'm extremely tired and trying so hard to have a clear-mind and strong discernment, but things seem so foggy and muddled.

I'm working through my head and with God about whether or not this dream of school is just that...a dream or something He truly wants to be a reality at some point. Trying hard to figure out what I need to be looking for in finding a 'mentor' or 'spiritual coach'...that's really hard, as for me I don't want to bring another responsibility to someone's plate. What do you even look for when looking for this? For the most part in my life, I think I've just happened upon a 'mentor' or 'spiritual coach' based merely on where I was serving ministry-wise.

There's uncertainty in a major area of our lives right now...we didn't ask for it, but it's there, right in the midst of trying to prepare for a missions trip, Family Camp and just life in general. I know that He is my way, my truth and my light and He's the way, the truth and the light. I just want to be able to live life and experience it to the fullest, be able to plant my feet firmly on the ground and know that my surroundings are going to be the ones I see for a long, long time. I know that sounds selfish and lacking in faith, but it's where I am at this point in time. I'm making some new and amazing friends...I'm enjoying getting to know them and their families and I want to continue to do so.

Dear God,

I love you more then words can ever truly express. Blanket our house with clarity, discernment, your peace, love and protection...blankets all those who touch or have touched our lives with your peace, love and protection. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on you and no matter what the circumstances, continue to follow you, knowing Your will is better than mine will ever be.


audrey` said...

Hi Cinder :)

I'm waving at you too ;)

Thank you so much for being my online friend.
You're a very special child of God!

curious servant said...

Heavenly Father... Bless this child of Yours. May she find peace, tranquility, even when all seems chaos around her. Bless her home, the work of her hands, the contemplations of her heart, that she may continnue to do what is pleasing to you.


Anonymous said...

i thank God for your friendship. whatever situation you are in, remember to hand Him over your "tangled fishing line". God bless you as always. (((HUGS)))

Corry said...

Thanks for being such a good and dear friend. Your posts are always such an encouragement to me.

Sounds much like our household and the situation we are in, at the moment:-)
God gives blessings in everything and He can turn a mess into gold.
May He bless you richly.

God's Grace.