Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tired & Preparing for a 12 Hour Walk

I don't know about y'all, but right now things here are just swamped! I know it's the time of the year...for me doing final wrap-ups and evaluations for school, the last month or so, prayerfully considering for sure what school would look like in the fall curriculum-wise and in general, summer plans and also all that comes with preparing to go missional.

It's one of those times when I'm admitting that I'm really, really tired and I need to preparation for the Cancer Relay for Life tomorrow. So here's to hoping it's dry and warm as we walk throughout the night, but regardless, it will be a blast and is for an awesome cause. I'm walking this one for so many reasons...for all the people I've lost to this wretched disease...for a very special new friend I've made this year, but have known about and prayed for throughout her entire battle with this disease. She is continuing to fight it with a huge foundation of faith, strength and endurance. Christ's love shines through her in such an amazing way and she's a true inspiration. I'm walking for two other cancer survivors...they are both inspirations as's also a new friend and the other survivor is someone who's one huge reason for why I am who I am. My mom's a 5 year cancer surivor this fall. I will never forget getting the call saying my mom had cancer and I will never forget the call telling me that she was officially cancer-free! She lives her life with a strength and endurance that I wish I had. Words cannot adequately describe the inspiration she is to me on a daily basis...with all she's beat and with all she continues to battle throughout this life. She is a woman who can continue to leave me speechless and in the same sense, completely breakdown in a heap of tears...a blessing beyond description.

This is my hope for all who read this blog...remember that no matter what, He's always there, every single second and His arms are securely around you. All things are possible with Him...I'll be back with my on-line reflections at some point next week. The next post brewing is on mentorship/spiritual coaches and it's still formulating. Blessings, prayers and love to y'all!!

My prayer for you is that you will feel the comforting arms of God around you, giving you hope for the future. God can take your trouble and change it into a treasure. Your sorrow can be exchanced for joy, not just momentary smiles, but a deep, new joy.

Barbara Johnson


SocietyVs said...

Great blog. Good to hear you care about the cancer survivors and are involved in a walk with a cause. I lost a brother to cancer and that was kind of rough, but I recognized that being pro-active is better than not being active at all. You go girl!

Cinder said...

Hey there's the first year I've known a I'm walking with a bunch of Mr. Cinder's workmates. I've lost a lot of people to cancer...I agree that it's better to be pro-active than not being active at all!

I'm just glad to hear that we have a team committed to staying all night. Apparently last year, most didn't...I thought I might be trucking it around the Legislature's flower bed all by my lonesome, but team spirit prevails...blessings to you!

audrey` said...

Jesus has healed your Mummy.
To God be the glory!

Cinder said...

Hi Audrey...yes He did heal her from the grips of cancer. her current affliction is a little more complicated in the healing department, but He's got His hand firmly upon this as well...all things in His time and purpose!

All the glory is truly His...blessings to you ;D !

Corry said...

Cinder, that is a wonderful cause and I admire your energy and devotion to do this. I am so grateful for your mom! Patrick is still on chemo but for now they have decided he only has to have 4 treatments instead of 6, so that is very positive and hopeful and we thank The Lord for this blessing.

We will pray for good weather and a joyful walk. God bless you, dear sister!:-)

God's Grace.

Cinder said...

It's so good to hear from you Corry! I'm so glad to hear that Patrick's chemo treatments have been reduced by 2...that sounds so positive and must be a huge relief for him...Praise God!

It's a little overcast and chilly today and from what I've heard, it's supposed to rain, but that's okay. I'm walking with a bunch of people I don't know, but we're all doing it for a good cause and it will be a lot of fun. My only concern is how my body reacts to the flip-flop changes in the weather, especially when they go from hot to cold. Last weekend, I actually was in quite a lot of pain and could hardly walk, but regardless, it will be worth it all and a lot of fun!

Blessings and love to you ;D !


Disciple Quilldancer said...

Great blog, Cinder. Well done good and faithful servant. I'll be back!

audrey` said...

How was the walk, Cinder?

Blessings to you too, dear sister :)

Cinder said...

Welcome Disciple...feel free to come back anytime...God bless!

Good morning's 8:20am and I'm home for an hour and a half or so and then we're scooting kids around. The walk was a lot of sister came and spent 7 out 12 hours with feet are sore and I'm very tired, but it was an awesome and very fun time! I am going to try and go for a power nap this afternoon, with hopes that i might be energized enough to watch hockey tonight!

We'll talk to you soon...blessings to you ;D !

Jackie said...

Get some rest, you deserve it!

Hope the walk went well. We really need to support those who are stricken with this awful disease.

Jayleigh said...

Praise the Lord for "a deep new Joy!"

Bless you, dear Cinder.

audrey` said...

Hello Cinder :)

I'm glad to know that the walk was alot of fun for you.