Friday, September 29, 2006

Right Beside Me

Chaos fills the air,
Blanketing me like a dark, heavy cloud.
Bogging down every piece of me,
Feels like an albatross around my neck.

The darkness clouds my view,
Obstructions clutter the path.
A constant sense of blindness,
I feel as I navigate my way.

As I try to go this road alone,
The turmoil grows at an even faster rate.
Will I ever learn?
Is it really that bad to lean on someone?

Why can’t I ask for help?
Why do I instead turn inward?
A body full of stubbornness and pride,
Please give me instead a heart full of humility and love.

Help me see the world through your eyes,
Put my chaos at the foot of the cross.
Rest at your feet,
Drink in your peace and grace.

Walk in your presence,
Rest in your love.
Sleep in your peace,
Permeate through every part of me.

More of you and less of me,
So many times I fail you.
But you never leave me,
Right beside me to the end.


audrey` said...

This is a very good poem.
It speaks so clearly of the need to cling onto our Lord for help, mercy and grace.

Take care, Cinder =)

Jayleigh said...

Awesome pic and awesome poem!!!

Cinder said...

Audrey ~ We truly do need to cling onto our Lord for's an awesome feeling to know He's there beside us.

Blessings to you and yours ;D!

Jayleigh ~ Thanks...I wrote the poem while waiting at worship practice the other night. When I got home, I remembered Mr. Cinder had taken this picture while on a fishing trip last weekend and so I thought they might be okay posted together.

Blessings and **hugs**

audrey` said...

Dearest Cinder

How are you?
Just drop by to say "Hello!"
Take care =)
God bless you and your family.