Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Be Quiet and Listen...

I read a devotion Friday, as I was frantically and mentally going through everything I needed to get done, before I could leave to go to a retreat. At the time I read it, I was surrounded by lots of kids and people talking and laughing, so I put it aside until I could find some quiet.

I ended up finding some quiet on Saturday morning and was able to sit and listen. What brought me to this point? The following question was posed in my devotional book...

"Be silent for more than a moment and listen to what God is speaking to you right now, at this very hour of time. If we recognize that He sometimes even speaks through silence, what is His message to you now?"

So, what was His message to me? A really mixed bag, but a message which spoke a lot of truth and love into my heart. Here's just a sample...

~ You need to slow down and take time to breathe me in, meet with me and truly love me.

~ You need to be true to yourself and who you are. Don't be ashamed or question who I've created you to be or where I've placed you in this world.

~ Know that you are precious and loved in my eyes. You have a very special purpose for being here and it's not completed. It will continue to evolve and grow through the years.

~ Don't lose hope - stay strong in me and never forget that I have a plan in all things - I'm with you every step of the way.

~ Live life through my eyes.

~ You need to give me control of everything.

~ Know and trust that I ultimately know what's best for you.

~ Everything will be revealed in my perfect timing.

It was an amazing time...I didn't say a word for almost an hour and just sat, listening to the wind blow the Autumn leaves, breathing in the crisp fall air and simply waiting in silence to hear the whispers and promptings of God.
So, I ask you today...Is He speaking to you too?

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."
~ Psalm 46:10


Jayleigh said...

Cinder, what an amazing devotion. I can see that your quiet time was so blessed.


audrey` said...

The power of solitary silence with our Heavenly Father.
Take care, Cinder =)

Corry said...

You are truly blessed, Cinder.
May God continue to bless you.

It's been difficult to find some quiet time lately and when I could have it, I am so tired I fall asleep during my prayers. However, I try to listen to Him in every occasion, moment by moment, throughout the day. I don't think that's enough. Hopefully things will slow down a bit. He knows:-)

Blessings and hugs.

God's Grace.

SocietyVs said...

I think God has spoken and now we have to take that in, sometimes on such a continual basis. Silence can be golden I guess.

Cinder said...

Jayleigh ~ It was a very blessed time...I honestly don't take enough time to just be quiet and listen.

Blessings to you ;D!

Audrey ~ There is great power in solitary silence with Him, isn't there! You take care too...God bless ;D!

Corry ~ It's so nice to hear from you've been so busy, yet such a blessed time! I heard something at retreat last weekend...the speaker said that even though our prayers might be incomplete or worded badly...Jesus is our 24-hour intercessor...He rewords our prayers to what we truly want them to be. He truly knows what our heart is saying, regardless of what might come out.

Blessings and hugs to you too...God's peace ;D!

Society ~ Hey there...very true that when He speaks we have to sit back and take it very often is on a continual basis (at least for me that's often the case). Silence is golden...I don't always appreciate it or seek it out enough.

Blessings to you and yours...have a good weekend!