Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Musical Insight

So here is another song which God has brought my way...see, I've been examining my past, to see if I have 'perceived' things how they actually happened...to see if I have completely forgiven those involved...to see if I've stuffed things away and really chose not to acknowledge them.

Yes, I know Christ's grace covers me and cleaned my slate, but I truly believe that in order to have complete freedom from everything, I need to re-examine, see things for how they were and are now and then completely cut them free, especially if I haven't already done that!

Who Am I
(Terri Fritsch, Marshall Hall, Sam Mizell)

I’ve tried to wrap my mind around the thought of you
I stretched myself so far I nearly come unglued
You hold the universe inside your hands
Still you thought of me
I can’t believe

Is there no limit to your love for me
As shallow as this selfish heart can be
You are the maker of reality
And I stand in awe
You are God

Who am I
To understand your ways
Who am I
To give you anything but praise
Who am I
To try and solve the mystery
Behind the heart and soul of all that I believe
Who am I

You’re every reason for my heart to hope
Creator of the things I’ve yet to know
You are the river for my thirsty soul
You are my desire
You are God


I am your child
I will follow, who am I?
You gave your life
For my tomorrow


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