Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dreams Which Stop You Dead in Your Tracks...

I don't about anyone else, but sometimes I have these dreams at night...or these vivid images, which come into my head during the day while I'm taking time to reflect. Sometimes they are dealing with life issues and ministry, but then there are those ones which scare the living daylights out of you...simply because it makes no apparent sense as to why they arose, and for me, because I know that there's most likely something which I need to take from it.

The latest one of these...I was in a hospital room beside the bed of someone who was covered in tubing and on a respirator. That someone ended up being Mr. Cinder. Long story short, it ended up with a funeral and a young widow of three children, and it made absolutely no sense to me.

But the word which came to me from it...you are making yourself available to those around you, but you are forgetting to be there deeply for the person closest to you. Embrace the relationship of your best friend and walk the walk alongside him...everything else going on will fall into place just fine.

I guess it was a little visionary wake-up call for me. It's very easy to be there for everyone else and think the closest relationships you have are strong and will be there intact as a result of that strength. But I know from experience, that you can never guess what's around the next corner and you should embrace every moment you have. I need to be concentrating on creating a beautiful legacy for my children...of the love of two parents who were devoted to each other, were truly best friends and walked the walk together, through all things.

Bottom line...that's one of the most important jobs we'll ever have, as soon as we enter into marriage...creating a Godly legacy for all who cross our path. I wish I wouldn't get so involved with life that I sometimes lose sight of that...it's truly precious and a blessing beyond my wildest of dreams!

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audrey` said...

Hi Jay (I'm addressing you by your name for the first time)

I agree with you.
Everyone is special and precious in our lives.
May we cherish them =)

Take care, Jay.