Monday, March 19, 2007

Teach Me

I would have to say that the past week has had the "Teach Me" theme stamped on it. Teach me to accept the season I'm live with more grace and humility than ever love deeper than I've ever live this life like I've never lived not take so much for granted, but see it as the precious cargo it is...and so very more lessons which came out of this week.

I went away this weekend, as my friend put it...'to drink deeply from the well of my family'. And that's exactly what I did...I drank as deeply from their well as I could, so I could take as much of them as possible home in my heart. Leading up to leaving, I worked hard to drain my tank of some really dangerous toxins. I can't say that my tank was completely emptied, but some of it was and it allowed me to refuel in a huge way.

I know that this blog has probably been confusing for some who have come on, especially for the fact of me not saying all that's going on. I guess the easiest thing to say, is that I've been in a low...lots of things have caused it and it's been a struggle. But I came to an important place this week. There are seasons for everything and some last a lot longer than others. I'm working towards simply being content where I am and not wishing to be somewhere I'm not. I've been reading a lot about how God works through our weaknesses if we allow Him and that we do a lot of injustice, by not admitting our weaknesses or simply accepting the spot we are at and allowing Him to work through it.

So that's what I'm working towards right now. Simply being content and attempting to see the positive, no matter what the day holds. I wrote this at some point throughout the writing has been focused between God and I. But, being that it's the theme for the week gone past, I thought I would share it.

Teach me to surrender
And not hold back in pride.
Help me to realize
The true benefits of you by my side.

I pray that you'll break me
As many times are required
To truly fall at your feet
And say I'm completely Yours.

To no longer want or need control,
But only truly need You.
To live each moment as the last,
No regrets or inhibitions.

Help me begin to live my life,
Like I've never lived before.
With a deep peace and love,
And complete trust in You.

No longer looking for answers,
Every place except at Your feet.
Bring me back to You I pray,
Bring me back to Your presence.

Help me feel You so strong,
That I know not fully accepting would be disaster.
Help me to say,
“At Your feet I will be, as long as You breath the breath of life into me.”

Take me and mold me as You see fit,
Break and recreate where it's needed.
As often as necessary,
No questions asked.

For Your Glory and not my fallen human nature,
I am Yours,
And through me let you be seen.
Not perfection, simply You and not me.


audrey` said...

Hello dearest sister Jay!
How are you, my friend?
Thank you so much for dropping by.
You're simply fantastic =)
Take care.

Cinder said...

Audrey, thanks for dropping by...I will drop by again real soon! You too are simply fantastic.

Blessings and (((HUGS))) to you ;D!