Thursday, May 10, 2007

the stand - hillsong united

**So I tried to post this multiple times yesterday (Wednesday) and there was no way it would. So we try yet again...**

I have been listening to "The Stand" a lot today and wanted to post it, 'cause then it'll be easier for me to access ;D!

I missed my doctor's appointment Tuesday night, due to an impromptu soccer meeting which couldn't be skipped, and am now feeling the effects of the fact I really needed to get there. I'm really tired...wishing for the day when I can actually live my life infection-free. I'm feeling like I've missed so much of the past 4 1/2 years and I really don't want to miss anymore. Learning to embrace life at the fullest, no matter how hard that is some days. It's an extremely hard task, but so very essential.

It's so beautiful here today...supposed to be really warm. I'm trying hard to see it as His love, peace, grace and sheltering arms shining so readily down today. Looking to anything I can, which will give me the strength to live out this day to the fullest and not simply survive yet another day!


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