Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

It's hard to believe that we're already celebrating 11 years of marriage today. Time flies when you're having fun...He's brought us far ;D! Love, acceptance, support, safety & security...that's what you've brought me sweetie...the best gifts to be given.

I woke up this morning with an episode of the Flintstones singing through my head. The one where Fred's wanting to get Wilma a piano and ends up getting one from 88 Fingers Louie. Being it was such a 'steal of a deal', the cops end up at the house and some of the policeman sing a version of Happy Anniversary that's always stuck. Actually, my sweetie sang it to me before he left for work.
Off to start the day...let the celebrating begin!


Christopher said...

congrats. we will be celebrating 11 this august as well. also glad you discovered some peace of mind with your schooling obligations.

Jayleigh said...

You two are sooooooo cute!

Was it the song that sounds like the Lone Ranger song?

Happy Ann-i-ver-sa-ree
Happy Ann-i-ver-sa-ree
Happy Ann-i-ver-sa-ree
Haaaaaaaaaapy Anniver-sa-ree

I ALWAYS sing that to my parents on their anniversary!

A Hoosier Family said...

Congratulations, 11 years is a great accomplishment in this day and age. Keep Christ at the center, and you'll have a great marriage your entire life. :0) Blessings! ~Sharon~

audrey` said...

Congratulations Jay!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! happy anniversary!