Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Endless Possibilities

Some days I feel so tired,
And I feel like nothing.
In the world's eyes 'nothing' is exactly what I am,
But in Your eyes I'm an endless possibility.

Wipe the slate clean,
And create in me a brand new canvas.
One which You can vividly paint on,
One which will allow for the endless possibilities.

I know I am exactly who I'm supposed to be in Your eyes,
Help me to be that in every day life.
Take away the masks and the fear,
Take away the preconceived notions.

Draw me to your feet,
To be surrendered in Your presence.
To love and worship You,
And simply be totally and completely Yours.

1 comment:

Corry said...


That is beautiful!

Have a very blessed weekend, dear sister.

God's Grace.