Thursday, January 24, 2008


Not By Might
(by Robin Mark)

No not by might, nor ev - en power,
But by your spir - it O Lord.

Heal - er of hearts, Bind - er of wounds,
Lives that are lost, re - store

Flow through this land, Till eve - ry man
Prai - ses Your name once more.

I sang this song with my worship team a couple of weeks ago. It's been in my mind ever since. Such a strong portrayal of who He is and how much He truly loves us. His deepest desire is for every person to praise His name and know Him deeply. To be in communion with Him and know Him as their healer, restorer, comforter, loving father.

I fail so often, but at the end of day He's there to pick me up. Always by my side, allowing me to live this life with free will, but always willing to grant His mercy.

I'm overwhelmed by this tonight...truly overwhelmed. It's a blessing beyond words or that deserves continuous thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

God is so good! He's our source of everything!

audrey` said...

Overwhelmed with a grateful heart =)
Thank you, Jay.