Friday, January 13, 2006

My Soul Mate

I have been blessed,
With the most amazing gift.
You were heaven-sent with love for me,
My soul mate forever and always.

You have such a loving heart,
The ability to reach me when no one else can.
A gentle nature fills your body and soul,
You are always true and an open book.

Your willingness to serve the Lord amazes me,
Your love for your family fills my heart with overflowing joy.
I watch you from the distance with deepest love and admiration,
So honored to be the one God chose for you!

I thank God everyday for blessing my life with you,
I can only hope and pray for an eternity for our love to grow to its deepest levels.
There are no guarantees each of us will be here tomorrow,
So I pray I will cherish ever moment with you as if it were our last!

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