Friday, November 17, 2006

Freedom From the Silence

**So I've been in a bit of a block when it comes to writing. So you have an idea of what I'm doing with this next series of posts, here goes it. I'm simply writing what's on my heart and it's in the form of story right now.

It might not be pretty, but it's what's there right now. Who's Gracelynn? Gracelynn's many girls and women out there...more than people today like to know or accept are there. I'm not offering up to you whose story this is, but am sharing it, because I think there are many stories like this wanting to be released and known. More importantly, I think these stories need to be understood and accepted...the girls and women loved and offered grace, instead of the hurtful insults and judgements which are often cast on them.

So here begins the story of Gracelynn...

The cool breeze rustled the leaves around Gracelynn’s feet as she slowly walked along the sidewalk. Each step she took felt like a lead weight. How things had gotten to where they were, she didn’t know…how she would get out of them and move ahead, she didn’t know that either. The one thing she did know was the next step needed to be taken. She couldn’t remain a prisoner to her past, the past couldn’t continue on as a dark, luminous cloud and only injustice was being served by keeping everyone in the dark about it.

But how do you possibly think you’re going to unleash that secret? Are you that crazy to think people would believe it as truth? Look at your track record…why even waste your breath…the chips are definitely stacked against you.

As Gracelynn continued to walk, the voices continued to scream in her head. It was overwhelming, exhausting and bringing her to an imminent point of hopelessness. Yes, she didn’t have the cleanest reputation, but what people didn’t realize was the root cause and underlying truth, which caused a multitude of bad choices to be made.

It was sickening to know that one event could cause such pain, turmoil and uncertainty, in not only her life, but also the lives of so many others. But it had…so many years previous, as a young girl, her innocence had been stolen in the blink of an eye. Along with that innocence, went her self-worth and purpose. She didn’t feel deserving of anything, which had been placed, in her life. She felt like a failure, was flooded with a sense of shame, which felt like a pool of death and now when she looked in the mirror, no longer recognized the person who looked back.

As she rounded the last corner towards home, Gracelynn continued to think about what she was going to say. Today was the day the dark, luminous secret would become a reality. What would happen once that reality was known…she didn’t know, but knew she was through being a prisoner and so this had to be done.


Anonymous said...

life isn't always fair. we live in a world that would constantly cause us a whole lot of pain. but God sees what we're going through and what's in our hearts. He is our refuge and strength. he's the only One we can truly trust and rely on.

Cinder said...

so very true Pia!! and that's where Gracelynn's story will eventually come to, but it was a long winding road to get to that refuge.

blessings to you!

audrey` said...

Dearest Cinder

Let go and let God.
That's why He came to take all our hurts and pains away.
His grace is always sufficient for us.