Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Thousand Gifts continued...

Well, shall we carry on with the list? I know it looks slow going, but trust me, this is a pretty therapeutic thing for me right now. So here goes it...

13. The deep simplicity of a child's faith and love in God.
14. Peace that passes all understanding.
15. Friendships that will be there tomorrow, no matter what happens today.
16. All the 'freedoms' we are blessed to have at our fingertips.
17. Parents' unconditional love
18. A warm bed to sleep in every night
19. A house to be hospitable with
20. The family of Christ
21. Tears of joy in a grandparent's eye
22. To have experienced the beginning of life three times.
23. Marriage in totality
24. Parenthood in totality
25. Tim Horton's Ice Caps
26. The little teardrop in the Indian Ocean (Sri Lanka)
27. All those who have touched my life and are now with me in memory.
28. Milk tea
29. Monkeys climbing the side of a mountain
30. Picturesque waterfalls in the peacefulness of nature created.


Jayleigh said...

AMEN!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

audrey` said...


This second post surprised me after I had posted my comment in the previous post =)

Give thanks with a grateful heart...