Thursday, January 11, 2007

Always With Us...

God is There
When the sky is dark -
He is there.
When you are all alone -
He is there.
When nothing goes your way -
He is there.
When you are in pain -
He is there.
When people are against you -
He is there.
When you are frightened or worried -
He is there.
When those you love are in crisis -
He is there.
When you feel as if God is far away -
He is there.
When doubt and confusion weigh you down -
He is there.
When you are about to breathe your last -
He is there.
And where God is there is always hope.
Dr. Steve Stephens'


Kc said...


I'm sorry I don't stop to tell you enough how inspiring your articles are. Please know they are very much appreciated.

Cinder said...

Thx Kc...I know the posts are appreciated and I appreciate you all stopping by whenever you are able. I really needed to hear your comment today...yeah...blessings to you today!

audrey` said...

Take care, dearest Cinder =)

Your display pic is so cute ;)

Corry said...

That is so beautiful! Thanks for posting and sharing this. :-)


God's Grace.