Friday, January 12, 2007


I had a quote sent to me, which I've already posted at northVUs. So instead of reposting it here, I'm providing the link to go read it... Shortword 27. The quote came at a very interesting time throughout the week. It spoke a lot to me about how we choose to live this life. You get out what you put in...that applies across the board in all areas.

The other end of the spectrum is, that even though you might put your all into things, including loving those around you, it doesn't mean that it'll be reciprocated. Because of how I'm wired, that can sometimes be a hard thing to accept. Let's face digs deep and hurts real bad! I've found myself having to truly surrender 'stuff' this week. That whole process of surrender is sometimes a really difficult thing to do. It comes with a lot of weight and responsibility...that you will truly leave the whole thing at His feet and continue down life's road, without picking it back up.

Because really, picking it back up is only going to rub salt in old wounds, bring up past pain and continue to allow the monkey to be on your back and in your face. In essence, crippling the power the Holy Spirit can truly have in your heal, strengthen, etc...grant you peace, courage and assurance.

Well, that's where I am today...actually feeling a huge amount of peace. Who knows how long it will last...really we never know what's around the corner, but I'm going to breathe it in for however long it's here, because it's awesome in ways I can't begin to describe! Blessings and love in His name to you all...

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audrey` said...

Hi Jay

I agree with you.
It's so difficult to love some people who take us for granted.