Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Taking Blows When You're Down

"if satan can't touch God without burning up, he'll poke at God by hurting us." (jollybeggar)

As life has played out this past little while, I've thought a lot about this quote. I've been in many discussions with people about life and why things happen the way they do.

Throughout all the discussions, I've had a variety of opinions come out of them. I know that there are definite consequences to our actions, especially when we step outside of God's will or make a not so bright decision. That goes with having a Father/child relationship, like what we experience with God. Just like as a parent, I can't let things slide when my kids get off track, either can He with us. That all comes in the whole growing portion of the walk in Christ. But, I have been told by a variety of people, that this is the reason for all things, all the time...I have trouble believing that though.

Throughout the past couple of years, I've dealt with this issue head-on and have come to the conclusion that there is a definite spiritual battle going on. Yeah, you can't blame all things on it, but there are definitely those times when you feel like you're getting repeatedly hit. You don't even have time to catch your breath before the next blow hits you. It's almost like you are being kept 'down' so that you'll be of no apparent use to God's kingdom work. Really, to me, it's like the quote above...satan will do whatever it takes to poke at God and if that means through the process of hurting His children, then that's the route which will be taken.

For me lately, it's been a process, of trying to really see things for what they truly are. By being able to do that, I'm able to discern whether something is a battle, a lesson, a consequence of my actions or simply a happening in life. I'm learning to try to not be beaten down by what happens in life, no matter how frustrating or unexplainable it might seem. I'm trying hard to keep a more positive mindset and outlook, then I've been prone to having the past couple of years.

I don't know that there's any concrete answer in this department. Depending who you talk to, you will always get a huge variety of answers on the topic, simply due to upbringing, religion, denomination and a whole other bag of things.

For me, I can only really go on my experiences and where they have taken me. To me, that quote speaks a lot of truth. I think this earthly portion of the walk will always be a very interesting journey. We aren't meant to know everything that will happen and really don't know most days what will come around the next corner. For me, I simply continue to work at strengthening who I am as a person, in order to be more prepared for the unexpected, unexplainable, etc. I pray that I'll be able to come out the other side, still standing on two feet and stronger as a result of what's transpired. I think that's His wish as well.


SocietyVs said...

No one said is was going to be easy - that's for sure. But don;t let your faith be swayed by it - let your faith be. I think maybe it is time to fnd solace from the pain that is happening - talk with people and find the answers. Are there answers - haven't seen a problem yet where the circumstances couldn't be changed.

Cinder said...

So true! You know I've never expected that it would be easy. Honestly the only time I've felt things to be somewhat easy were the times when I was really complacent and not driven to be stepping out in faith and in service for Him.

I'm honestly trying hard to find some solace right now. My husband's right alongside helping with that. But right now, I'm so very tired.

I'm bad for bottling and not wanting to bring people down. I know that seems like a really selfish answer, but for some reason, I perceive it as being better to try and fix it on my own and have the fewest casualities as possible.

I'm hoping that by the end of next month, I will have some answers to some of the things which are going on. That would be a real blessing if it happened. Some of the things, I do have answers for, it's now making a plan and take action, in order to change the circumstances.