Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Slowly But Surely...

Received some test results yesterday...still waiting for some more to be back. I'm back on medication for another 5 weeks...we're hopeful that a long-term treatment might be the key to ridding my body of the infection. I am also being referred to a specialist, where I'll hopefully have more tests done, which might shed some more light on the underlying cause.

Meanwhile, I'm still pretty tired. We're trying our hardest to keep school on track and where it needs to be. Hopelessly devoted to trying to get our house looking better than the tar pits from the Flintstones. Oh yeah, I have to cut out all sweets from my diet...NO MORE COMFORT FOODS...ice cream, chocolate, man, especially Whoppers. Well, I guess that's okay...it's really not the best for me to have all those comfort foods flowing through my veins anyhow ;D !

We're holding our own...slowly but surely I think things are going to begin to even out a little bit. Eventually it will come...right now we're simply in a holding pattern.

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