Monday, May 28, 2007


Inadequate...that's the word of today, this month and all I see in the future right now.

Yeah, I know any thing's possible with Him and that He's right beside me every step. But sometimes He feels closer and sometimes He feels really far away. Or maybe it's just that I'm so lacking in something right now, that the above facade ends up occurring in my mind.

You know, my faith will always be strong in Him, even though some days it might not seem that way. That faith which never goes away is why I am able to endure, even when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to have disappeared.

I'm thanking God that He's blessed me with a man by my side who stands strong with me, even when things are so hairy, in so many departments. That man always tells me that I'm anything but inadequate, even though he knows I might not see it at the present time.

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audrey` said...

Jay, you're so blessed to have Mr Cinder in you life =)