Monday, June 18, 2007


It's interesting when you begin looking in retrospect at life, that you realize some things. It's not that they weren't evident right in the midst of everything, but at the time, things just felt so overwhelming that it wouldn't have mattered whether or not you could see them clearly, changes might not have been made until now anyways.

Tonight is the first in a month and a half that we don't have to run anyone to soccer. We don't have to juggle three schedules over the span of 4 days, in amongst every day life as well. We've seriously been lacking in the together time department...time as a family, time as a couple and just down time. This was the first year of having to go at that insane pace with three in soccer. I have to admit that we are already questioning whether we will make that choice next year. Just as the people of this world, our kids have vastly different personalities. Different personalities mean trying real hard as a parent to not conform your child to one specific sport, etc.

And school is also winding down for me teaching-wise. With being sick, this teaching year has been extremely hard at times. We've tried our best and Little Mister wants to be in the big school this fall, so we'll be working to prepare, as we feel this will be the best move for both of us. It'll allow me to simply be a mom again and that's huge right now!

I'm looking forward to a week with a lot more downtime, which will hopefully equal a more sane mommy. You know, there's still things there...waiting for lab tests to come back, still waiting to hear from a specialist about an appointment, after 4 months gone by...but not doing them alone, makes them fall into place on the perspective line. Can't change it, but will try my hardest to not let it beat me down either. Some days are easier than others, but that's life.


Corry said...

I am so glad for you that all the hectics are easing off some and you get some time for yourself. I sure do hope you will get better, sis. Keeping you in my prayers!


God's Grace.

audrey` said...

Yes. Please take very good care of yourself, Jay =)