Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well being I haven't really been in a writing mood, I completely forgot to post a picture of our newest addition.

This is Gromit, named after the english cartoon Wallace and Gromit. He is 10 weeks old and fitting into our household nicely. He has the most awesome demeanor we could ask for with three kids around, who want to chase, mull and overly love him. He's grown in the week we've had him and is beginning to show a little personality.

Took me a while to be won over about getting a dog, but I love having him around. He's a good cuddler and greets me with the biggest smile and kiss when I've been away from home.

But, I'm signing off now, 'cause it's bedtime up here...blessings!

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audrey` said...

My daughter, Bel, would love Gromit =)
She loves animals as pets very much.