Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How R U?

I hate the question, "How R U?" It's gotta rank on my most detestable questions to have to try and answer, especially lately. When you don't even really know how you are, let alone what's wrong...how on earth are you supposed to be able to answer it in a way that people will actually understand it and not think you are just out of it or really weirdly off some deep end somewhere.

I guess you could say that's why I haven't wanted to write on this venue...I guess the truth of the matter is that I feel out of it and don't have a clue how to explain it. The only thing I know is that it causes me to not be able to think straight, formulate words enough to write, let alone want to carry on conversations with people some days. Makes life really difficult and sometimes leaves me wondering about many things.

"Being created in the image of God means that we were created to look like God - not on the outside, but in our character and in our souls." (Point of Grace)

I read this quote yesterday and it kinda stopped me dead in my tracks. I don't see myself in a very good light lately and so I have a hard time believing that my character and soul are looking anything like God. I took a lot of comfort in this quote despite anything else which might have flew through my mind.

I guess right now I'm simply at a point where I want certain things to be completed and out of my life. I want my life to regain some semblance of before, yet keep many aspects of the now and the future. I believe we are put into situations for a time and a purpose. God will use situations to grow us...even though they might seen unbearable and no end in sight, we end up taking a lot from them.

I guess the only answer I can give to the, "How R U?" right now is...I'm doing okay. I'm tired, but hanging in there and attempting to rest in Him.


Jayleigh said...

I detest poor grammar. But more than that, I hate to tell lies. And when someone asks me that right now, I need to lie, or else launch into a very uncomfortable conversation. So, I lie. God will forgive me, because it's self-preservation.


Hope all is well with you, Miss Jay.

Cinder said...

I know Jayleigh...I too detest poor grammar. Maybe I've been on facebook too much or just not in a place to care lately...such is life somedays.

I, too, find myself needing to lie depending on the day. Sometimes the person reads through the lie and I still end up in an uncomfortable conversation, but other times, they either take what I say or they simply know I'm not in a place to discuss. Yeah, I think God understands self-preservation in a huge way.


I hope all is well with you, Miss Jayleigh...I'm really tired, but things are holding their own here.

Corry said...

(((HUGS)))! :-)

I found that most people just ask that question out of habit and expect to hear you are doing fine. When you would reply with how you really are, most don't even want to know or don't know how to handle it. Only those who really care and love you, expect you to answer with the truth, so they can see where to be a help and encouragement.

When asked and you don't feel like answering, you have the right to simply say:" I don't want to talk about it." Even when they ask why not, just give the same answer. And that's the truth! :-)

Gromit is so cute! I hope he will be a joy to y'all.

May God bless you with many joys and lots of happiness!

luv ya, girl.

God's Grace.

audrey` said...

Oh Jay dearest =)

Much <3 and (((HUGS))) to you.
Please take care, Jay.