Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lake Michigan

On our second day travelling back, we drove along the shore of Lake Michigan at more than one point. We ended up having lunch at a spot where the town is right on the shore. It was a cool spot to stop...after lunch, we took a walk along the beach and then a man made path, until we made it to a light house.

It was an awesome view and really peaceful as well.

Here was the view of the lighthouse as we began our trek from the picnic spot. The waves were rolling in, as it had been raining up to that point.

The trees were the spot where we started our walk from. This was the beach we walked along. It was the neatest sand...some was soft, but as soon as you got closer to the water, it was hard, or so it appeared. All of sudden, the sand would crack and you would begin to sink. The kids thought that was pretty cool.

Here was a picture of the lighthouse, taken as we were beginning our walk down the man made path towards it.

There would be my brood walking down the path, exploring all the huge rocks on each side and marvelling at the power of the waves crashing in.

Here's the lighthouse as we finally got to it.

The kids posing for a picture on the lighthouse...right beside the warning sign about loud signals sounding.

The rock path, which lead back to the walking path to go towards the picnic area.


Anonymous said...

i haven't seen a real lighthouse yet... none that i could recall. glad all is well with you, cinder. God bless.

audrey` said...

Dearest Jay
Beautiful pics =)
Take care.

Jayleigh said...


curious servant said...

I love the pic of your kids

audrey` said...

Thinking of you, Jay =)