Monday, January 19, 2009

Breaking Free of the Addiction

A physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, such as a drug or alcohol. In physical addiction, the body adapts to the substance being used and gradually requires increased amounts to reproduce the effects originally produced by smaller doses.

The one thing I've already realized this year is how easy a person can allow themselves to become enslaved to something without even realizing they were enslaved at all.

And yes, this image is portraying what I allowed my body to become enslaved to. Yes, I purchased it and drank it, but didn't realize how much I was consuming. How do you not know this? I don't really have a good answer for you, except to say DENIAL!!

So I've started this year off on an interesting note. I told God that I want to be free of this. I want to come to him for all things, instead of turning to consuming something when under stress, etc. I made the decision to quit purchasing and consuming and quit cold turkey.

Have to confess that I don't know if the cold turkey method was the right approach to take. It's definitely been a much harder road than I thought it would ever be. As in the words of a friend..."it's really eating at you, isn't it!" Yes, it is eating at me...more some days than others. Would love to say that I can walk by a huge display in the store and I don't give it a second thought, but that would definitely be a lie.

But every day that ends as another one free of that substance entering my body is an awesome thing. And the differences in attitude and ability to handle stress and work load have been eye-opening. I'm a different person and that difference makes me a much better wife, mom, friend, co-worker, etc. and that's the best reason of all to continue on the journey to be free of it!


jayleigh said...

Good for you! I have tried that several times and it's even lasted for over a year at one point... but I keep going back. Not really sure why. I think I would be OK if there was just something fizzy... like I could drink just seltzer water... but yuck!

I like a fizzy drink. That's my deal. But good for you, friend!


David said...

God is able to deliver us from all things that would harm us or keep us from living fully for him. If that is true, than to not be free is to not be letting Him do His work in us. I am just a babe, after all these years. He is a Father, since forever.

David said...

jay, don't kid yourself, it is the sugar.