Thursday, January 12, 2006

Surrendering to You

Lord Jesus, I love you,
Break my soul down.
Mold me into the creation you want me to be,
Allow your beauty to shine through me everyday.
I thank you for your gentle spirit,
For the amazing love you show me each day.
Help me not to do things on my own,
Teach me to lean on you and trust in you.
Help me to lay my worries and fears at your feet,
Allow me to be in complete and total surrender to you.
Break me of my old and unfaithful ways,
Help me to come to you for guidance and love.
Reveal to me your plan for my life,
Gently mold my spirit to where you want it.
Bring me to my knees in praise and adoration,
Humble my heart before you.
Help me to become more like you,
Give me a gentle spirit and a loving heart always.
Allow me to live my life completely for you,
Lead me down the path you have chosen for me.
I pray I will be obedient to you always,
That your light will guide my way, no matter where you take me.
Shine your light through me,
Let your love and Holy Spirit consume my whole being.
Let your word transform my mind to what you want it to think,
I pray your will for my life will be the roadmap I use each and everyday!
Allow your will to unfold in my life today,
Mold me into the person you want me to be.

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