Thursday, September 07, 2006


Life's so full of questions somedays,
Wondering how to live this life for You,
Instead of for those who are alongside.

Longing to understand why things are the way they are,
Hoping to have plans more clearly revealed,
Wanting to simply be content with where things are and who this person truly is.

To live for You and be who You want,
And be happy with what that is and what it brings down the path,
Instead of wishing for things to be different or have some of what there was before.

**I want to thank Joyce for the comment you left last's so very true that we do often live for Him through those who are alongside us...that's the awesome thing about this life and I think it's essential!

In my life, I think I've been guilty of living my life, and aligning who I am, too much by the expectations of what those around me think things should be, rather than searching out the true direction sometimes.

It's been almost a year since our move and these words simply came as a result of entering a time of questioning some stuff ...going through my life with a fine tooth comb.**


Joyce said...

Sometimes, you live this life for Him, through those who are alongside.

Cinder said...

So very true Joyce...thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving this!

audrey` said...

This is a very thought-provoking post, Cinder =)
Thank you.

Cinder said...

You're welcome Audrey...I guess this one was sitting in the depths of Cinder somewhere.

Have a really great weekend...blessings to you and yours ;D!