Friday, May 02, 2008


40 Days
(by Mark Schultz)

Lord, I came to the mountaintop
To be with You
I felt Your grace falling down like rain
And I was made new

But there are times like now when I’m all dried out


And it’s like 40 days out in the desert
Feeling like I’m lost forever
And crying out for You
But in these 40 days I’m going to seek You
With my heart because I believe You
Have brought me to this place
These 40 days

Lord, Your ways are not my own
But I trust You
Lord, You say, “You are not alone,
For I am with you”

But there are times like now when You can’t be found


‘Cause You are with me
You never leave me
Even when my world turns upside down
‘Cause there are times like now when I will
Trust somehow


Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel…I know

I really feel like this song today. I feel like I'm lost and drowning...that life's crushing down and I can't catch my breath. The peace of God feels so far away. It really sucks. Shouldn't be that way, but life right now seems as far away from peace as you can possibly get.


audrey` said...

(((HUGS))) Jay.
Take care.

Praying for you...

jayleigh said...

I really like that song.

**hugs** for you, sweet friend.

It helps me to make a list of other times I felt that way, and what the result was. I need to remind myself of how God comes through for me again and again, and maybe someday I will remember on my own.

*more hugs*

audrey` said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jay =)

jayleigh said...

just checking in on you

*more hugs*

Corry said...

I do know how you feel and when I am in a state like that, I force myself to look around and count the blessings. It makes me aware that maybe God is not answering, but He is always close! :-)

(((HUGS))) dear sister.

God's Grace.